Vinyl Gutter and Downspout

Vinyl Gutter and Dowspout by Genova Products

Vinyl gutter and downspout systems are the number one choice if you're looking for an easy installation that will give you years of maintenance free service. That being said, why not purchase your vinyl gutter and downspout system from the number one retail manufacturer with almost 5 decades of manufacturing expertise -- Genova Products?

Genova vinyl gutter and downspout systems are guaranteed to never warp, crush, crack, peel, or fade. They're also designed specifically for easy do-it-yourself installation. If you can climb a ladder, lift a level, swing a saw and work a screwdriver, you can make a successful, good-looking Genova vinyl gutter and downspout installation.

Perhaps the best part is the price. While you might expect to pay a lot more for a vinyl gutter and downspout system, Genova's systems are priced like ordinary metal and plastic systems.

Genova vinyl gutter and downspout systems have been time-tested in the toughest climates so you can install you system with confidence on your house, garage, vacation cabin, or agricultural building. Both styles of Genova vinyl gutter and downspout systems go with the architecture of today's houses, making a Genova system the most practical rainwater handling system you can buy. It's also the safest, because it doesn't invite dangerous lightening strikes as metal systems do.

Choose from two different designs:

Raingo Vinyl Gutter

•U-shaped design
•Heavy duty brackets
•Snap-together installation with Raingo seals
•Trusted performance since 1979

Raingo Vinyl Gutter Profile
Repla K Vinyl Gutter •K-shaped design
•Hidden brackets
•Solvent weld installation with Genova Vinyl Adhesive
Repla K Vinyl Gutter Profile

Our DuraSpout vinyl downspouting connects to Raingo, Repla K and existing metal downspout systems. It's available in the standard 2" x 3" size, or the high capacity 3" x 4". And, just like our vinyl gutter system, DuraSpout downspout will never warp, crush, crack, peel, or fade.

For more information on Raingo, Repla K and DuraSpout, go to Genova's main site by clicking here.

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